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What Are You Worrying About Now?

You could spend all of your energy worrying about the things that might happen -- even though worrying alone will never prevent them. Instead of worrying, prepare and then deal with any problems as they arise.

Rather than worry, decide what's the worst thing that can happen, and then take the best action you can to ensure that it won't. Will a phone call now, be a good first step?

Today's TQ Challenge: Immediately Stop Worry from Dragging Your Performance Down.

  1. Choose to be RECHARGED! What are you worrying about today that's interfering with your productivity?

  2. Choose to be RELAXED! What's the worst-case scenario for what's bugging you?

  3. Choose to be REVITALIZED! Is there anything troublesome on tomorrow's agenda? What can you do now to minimize the potential trouble?

Worry wastes time, steals energy and prevents you from accomplishing your goals. There's no reason to worry about something you can or can not fix. If you find yourself constantly stressed over money, friends, health issues, your children, people at work or your environment -- STOP IT! Identify exactly what you're worried about, and transform that worry into a positive action to resolve the concern. Take care of it, before it takes over you.

"How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one's senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality." ~ Norman Douglas

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Energy Color.

Is It Time To Build Some Confidence?

Create situations where others can succeed. Accomplishment breeds confidence, which in turn breeds an even greater accomplishment in an ever upward spiral.

You've got 5 minutes. Find someone to praise for a recent accomplishment.

Today's TQ Challenge: Help Others Achieve Personal Excellence.

  1. Choose to be SUPPORTIVE! Who has accomplished a noteworthy task or project recently? Were they rewarded?

  2. Choose to be EMPOWERING! How can you set up more ways for your people to experience individual successes?

  3. Choose to be NURTURING! Where can you break down your current project into separate stages of success?

When managing others, your primary responsibility is to do whatever you can to help them accomplish their tasks -- to the best of their abilities -- in as short a period of time as possible. Your productivity is not measured by how much you can get done in a day, but by how much your team accomplishes as a whole. You must learn how to coach and support co-workers without taking on their duties and responsibilities. No one learns if you do their work for them. Create an environment where everyone's performance is raised to their highest potential possible -- and mutual goals are achieved timely.

"We all have ability. The difference is how we use it." ~ Stevie Wonder

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Synergize Color.

Would You Like To Accomplish More Each Day?

If you want to be more productive, first identify and then create more A1's.

A1's have the greatest payoff. Do more A1's this week to get paid off more often.

Today's TQ Challenge: Concentrate on Tasks Producing The Greatest Rewards.

  1. Choose to be RESULTS-ORIENTED! Check out your To Do List for last week. How many A1's did you have?

  2. Choose to be EFFECTIVE! What other A1's could you identify for this week to increase your productivity?

  3. Choose to be PRODUCTIVE! Which activities are tomorrow's A1's? How can you add more of those?

Some of your activities produce greater rewards than others. When you focus more of your time on those activities with the highest return for your time, you naturally become more productive. After identifying the activities that will make the greatest impact, concentrate your time and energy on them. Remember the 80/20 rule. When you can focus your time on the 20% of the actions that produce 80% of the rewards, you'll multiply your results fourfold!

"Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable. They go together." ~ Earl Nightingale

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Prioritize Color.

When Is Your A-1 Most Often Available?

Review your work and identify the A-1, highest-payoff activities that produce the greatest rewards. Schedule your day around the most beneficial time when these A-1's can be done.

If your A-1 activities are dependent on other people or circumstances, it's best to schedule your day around those external influences as required to ensure that they get done as often as possible.

Today's TQ Challenge: Schedule Tasks Around Your Most Productive Time Periods.

  1. Choose to be PRACTICAL! If your most important tasks involve other people, when is the best time of the day to reach them?

  2. Choose to be EFFECTIVE! What external influences make the biggest difference on your daily schedule?

  3. Choose to be FORSIGHTFUL! Given all the factors involved, at which time are you most productive?

No one is at their best all the time. Study your daily performance and discover when you tend to be the most and least productive. Schedule your top priorities for when you are at your mental and physical peak. Assign the rest for less energetic periods. Don't try to take on your toughest tasks when you're only capable of running at half speed. And don't waste your prime hours on your least productive chores.

"A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug." ~ Patricia Neal

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Make Plans Color.

As You Sail Through Life, Is Your Ship On Course?

Your values are your North Star. Sailing by this star keeps your ship on course and trimmed for any weather.

Give value to your values to keep all your actions on course today.

Today's TQ Challenge: Confirm Values -- BEFORE Making Decisions.

  1. Choose to be PRINCIPLE-BASED! Can you see your North Star? Or is it obscured by the haziness of laziness?

  2. Choose to be DELIBERATE! Are your values steering you on a clear course of action today?

  3. Choose to be DEDICATED! Exactly how far are you right now in your life's journey?

Your values, vision and mission mean absolutely nothing unless they are put into play. Your fundamental values and principles are the core elements that determine if a decision is the right one for you or not. Your values should be your reference -- and your guide -- for every action you take, and every decision you make. The only decision you need to make is to live your values. Once you do, your list of values will automatically make the right decisions for you.

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." ~ John Lennon

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Mission Color.

Are You Simply Getting Ready To Get Ready?

It's easy to get caught up in endless rounds of research and preparation. This process can be interminable, until you decide to get off the dime and start now. Never use preparation as an excuse for procrastination.

Plan it. Prepare for it. And then Stop Getting Ready To Get Ready! Get on with it!

Today's TQ Challenge: Test New Ideas for Effectiveness.

  1. Choose to be PROACTIVE! Do you have a project for which you are creating preparation delays?

  2. Choose to be PRACTICAL! Is every step of preparation for your next objective moving you toward completion?

  3. Choose to be PRAGMATIC! Which of your projects needs to go from preparation to implementation right now?

Making a plan is never enough. You must take action. You can modify your plan as you go, but success depends on your ability to put your plans into action! Stop getting ready to get ready. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% experimentation. Don't wait until the last detail has been determined. Start by putting your plans into action immediately. Test. Observe. Correct. Repeat until you succeed.

"When I am delivering my very best, then that is when I feel successful." ~ Art Fettig

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Act Now Color.

The sad truth is that opportunity doesn't knock...

Opportunity abounds. Always has... always will.

Especially in tough times. Especially now.

This week, we are going to discuss how to turn ever-present opportunities into tangible results.

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About Your Climb to the Top...

If you are still climbing the ladder to success, the question is, which rung are you on?

Are you still locked at worry and doubt... second-guessing your skills and capabilities?

Have you moved up to excellence and mastery?

Are you now at the top where you have real freedom, and the means to do everything your heart desires? What most would call true wealth?

What do think the difference is between the people who find success and those who continue to struggle with failed hopes and dreams?

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New Beginnings.

Last week we discussed the impact of a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic ATTITUDE on your success potential.

This week, we are going to tackle an area of performance equally important: Your ability to get and stay ORGANIZED.

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Your duty is to keep hope alive.

All last week we focused on HOPE. This week, we will focus on Hope's eternal companion: FREEDOM.

In America, we have awesome power. We are free to hope and try... and to fail and succeed.

Use your freedom as if your very life depends on it.

It does.

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Do You Have The Fierce Determination to Succeed? Look inside the men and women charged with keeping us free, and you will see a fierce determination to succeed.

They know the mission, and are willing to lay down their lives to achieve it.

Sometimes by just their sheer force of will.

And an unconditional commitment to a single word: EXCELLENCE:

    Excellence in THOUGHT...Excellence in PLANNING...Excellence in ACTION...

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