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I thought I'd start this What's New page so that you, our visitor, could check out what I've recently added to the site.
Whether it is events, a new blog post, announcement, business listing, classified ad, etc, I will post it here for you.

>Created a business listing for Luna's Waffles and Cream in North Attleboro
>Enabled 4 expired business listings, adding website links and photos to some... 
Mirror Boutique in Foxboro, Supercuts in South Attleboro, Mad Moose Saloon in North Attleboro and Next Level Landscaping in North Attleboro

>Created a business listing for Flowers By The Station in Attleboro

>Created a business listing for Althea's Beauty Depot in North Attleboro
>Updated 4 expired business listings in the business directory:
KC's Classic Burger Bar in North Attleboro, Kidz Wurld in North Attleboro,
The Breakfast Place in Attleboro, and VV Cleaning & Painting in North Attleboro

>Created basic business listings for Chub's Blue Pig BBQ in Attleboro and Commonwealth BBQ in Wrentham

Though I haven't added anything here on the 'what's new' page for the last few days, I have been working on the local news page which is still under construction but coming along nicely.  There's lot to read.  It looks a lot better on mobile now.  Also, I do share posts daily on The Attleboro Zone facebook news feed @tazlocal and add events to the facebook events page there often.  I've worked on and rearranged the homepage also, trying to keep it interesting.  I just added Mi Pequena Guatemala Restaurant in Attleboro to the business directory also.  

I added 2 events to our facebook events page >>(click on facebook event tab)>>>>>
"Attracting Bees, Butterflies, Birds & Other Beneficials" online event today at 7pm
HMEA Virtual Career Fair, March 26, online event

Renewed business listing for New Hope, Inc., Attleboro
Created a business listing for Staple Landscapes, Franklin
Changed the website theme to match the season... Think spring!
Moved some things around on the homepage to feature the Local Coupon Pro.
Added events to facebook events page.Click on 'events' tab of our facebook newsfeed.

>Added Pawtucket Arts Festival to the Events Calendar in September.
>Created a business listing for Bandido's Mexican Restaurant in Attleboro, MA
>Created a business listing for Priority Plumbing & Heating, North Attleboro, MA
>Created a business listing for ISP - Independent Service Provider, Plainville, MA


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