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"Rosalind Thomas said it best when she said,
"...The programs and people are out there. It's just a matter of bringing them all together."    

That is one of my goals for The Attleboro Zone, to be that one place online where people in the Attleboros and surrounding areas can find any and every program, business, church, event, organization or resource there is to be found.  This can only happen if everyone in the Attleboros OWNS The Attleboro Zone !  If every owner/operator of every program, every business, every church, every organization and every resource makes themself KNOWN to one another HERE then we will have created the ultimate virtual community center, city guide and directory ! 

Welcome To Massachusetts  A Practical Guide for Living in the Bay State
"Massachusetts, located in the heart of New England, is the region's most populous state. Lively urban areas, picturesque seaside communities, and tiny rural towns offer a unique ambiance which each year attracts many new residents. This webpage is designed to provide people contemplating a move to Massachusetts and those who have recently come here with specific information on the practical aspects of residency. I hope that new residents and those considering a move to the Bay State find this webpage a good source of useful information."

William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth

Attleboro's official website

Helpful Attleboro phone #s
Attleboro Community Profile Attleboro
Attleboro, (wikipedia) the free online encyclopedia
Attleboro Council on Aging
Attleboro Farmer's Market

Attleboro Police Dept.

12 Union Street
Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703-2911
508-222-1212 [non-emergency calls for service]

Attleboro Fire Dept.
508-222-2324 [business line]

Attleboro Area Emergency Phone numbers

Attleboro City Hall
77 Park St.
Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 223-2222

North Attleboros official website
Helpful North Attleboro phone #s
North Attleboro Community Profile


Did you know that HELP is available for those in need through the coordinated efforts of the Attleboro Area Council of Churches, The St. Vincent dePaul Society, Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army and Self Help?

Town of North Attleboro North Attleboro
North Attleboro (Wikipedia)- very informative
North Attleboro Center (Wikipedia)-
North Attleboro Electric Dept. --A customer owned utility
North Attleboro Community Television
North Attleboro Neighborhood Link

North Attleboro Police Dept.
102 S. Washington St.
N. Attleboro, MA
508-695-1212 [24/7, non-emergency calls for service]

North Attleboro Fire Dept.
50 Elm Street
N. Attleboro, MA 02760

North Attleboro Town Hall
43 S. Washington St.
N. Attleboro, MA 02760

Our Veteran's Page

South Attleboro (Wikipedia)
South Attleboro (MBTA Station)   Train Schedule 
"Cutting train service and raising fares will just force more people to drive to work, clogging highways and increasing pollution, local commuters said Friday (Apil 10th)."  Read more

Public Transportation 508-222-6106


Things to See and Do:
100+ links to events and attractions in and around the Attleboros!
Events Calendar Find local events. Add your own and ones that you know of.

Church Directory Find a place to worship!
Petfinder: <Find a pet here, the one place online where ALL of Attleboros homeless pets from all 3 local animal shelters is located.

North Attleboro Virtual Animal Shelter
Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter
Attleboro Friends of Cats, Inc.

Sturdy Memorial Hospital 508-222-5200
Arbour-Fuller Hospital 508-761-8500

Attleboro Area Homeschoolers
Attleboro Schools       Project Connect Family Network
article>Grant Shows It Pays to Study in Attleboro
North Attleboro Schools
North Attleboro Special Education
Dayspring Christian Academy
Grace Baptist Christian Academy (address and map HERE)
Hebrew School
Bishop Feehan High School
Saint Mary-Sacred Heart School (elementary)
St. John's School
Bristol Community College - article>A special patriotic quilt hangs in the library.
article>As jobless rates climb, so does enrollment at BCC's Attleboro branch
Kids College
Fisher College 
Fisher College's online degree program has been ranked 12th best in the nation (article)
Educational Resources for Massachusetts
Schools in the Area > Sun Chronicle Article

Attleboro Youth Soccer 
The Red Rocketeers (N. Attleboro Highschool Football)
South Attleboro White Hawks 
Little North Attleboro League Youth Baseball
North Attleboro Junior Football
Attleboro Youth Baseball League 
The Hockomock League 
N. Attleboro Track and Field
High School Sports Schedule





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