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Daily Lessons in Excellence - Daily Lessons In Intentional Excellence

Do Your Goals Turn You On?

Make exciting goals for yourself, goals that pump you up, that make you proclaim "YES!"

Write your goals using the most inspiring description possible. This will increase your motivation and your desire for their accomplishment.

Today's TQ Challenge: Set Highly Rewarding Goals.

  1. Choose to be MOTIVATED! Review your goals. Do they excite you just by reading them?

  2. Choose to be INSPIRED! Do your goals pump you up?

  3. Choose to be ADVENTUROUS! Can you rewrite your goals so they'll ignite even greater passion and enthusiasm to succeed?

If you're not inspired -- every single day -- you need new goals. The higher the goal, the more it will excite and motivate you. Plan big. Why set mediocre, minimally acceptable goals when you could set ones that will change your life? Or the world?! Life's greatest satisfaction comes from attaining goals that you once believed were beyond reach. If most of your goals are forgotten before they're achieved, you clearly need to create more exciting, more stimulating, more intoxicating, more adventurous, more ambitious and more heart-felt goals.

"Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life." ~ Les Brown

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Set Goals Color.

Is Your Greatest Wish Just A Pipe Dream?

To make your dream a reality, write it down in as much detail as possible. The more you write, the more real it becomes.

Your dreams are only smoke until you capture them in ink.

Today's TQ Challenge: Build Inspirational Details into Your Dreams & Visions.

  1. Choose to be EXPLICIT! Where, when, what, how big, how loud and what color is your dream?

  2. Choose to be REALISTIC! Would you expect a contractor to build your dream home exactly, merely from a rough sketch?

  3. Choose to be CREATIVE! How specifically can you define your current dreams?

The act of creation starts with defining something that does not yet exist. There's no way a vague or ill-defined dream can ever become a reality. It needs real-world specifications before you can create it. Until you identify at least some of the details of your vision, you can't even get started. As long as you're the author, why not make the details as colorful, glorious, lavish and highly compelling as possible. Once you paint a vivid picture of your vision, it's easier to see how to achieve it.

"Success... it's what you do with what you've got." ~ Leroy Van Dyke

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Mission Color.

"Thank You!"

Always keep on hand a ready supply of "Thank You," "Congratulations," and "Good Job" cards. Use them often. You will find that people are more willing to be productive when they feel that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. A well-timed thank you goes a long way.

Reward others with thank you notes. Buy them in bulk and write a couple every week.

Today's TQ Challenge: Show Appreciation -- Reward Things Done Right.

  1. Choose to be APPRECIATIVE! When was the last time you sent someone a card of thanks?

  2. Choose to be GENEROUS! Who could use a "Congratulations" card today?

  3. Choose to be ENCOURAGING! Who could use a "Thank You" card today?

People are automatically more productive when they feel that their efforts are acknowledged and sincerely appreciated. Praise is a small investment that pays huge dividends. Master this factor and your whole world will change. Let others know that you appreciate their efforts. Demonstrate an attitude of gratitude in private and in public. Give credit when something goes right, and don't forget to reward the victories -- large and small.

"People see the world not as it is, but as they are." ~ Al Lee

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Synergize Color.

Can Playtime Save Time?

When you approach work with an attitude of playfulness, you become more creative, positive and energetic.

Find a way today to blend the line between work and play.

Today's TQ Challenge: Act Cheerfully -- Have More Fun. SMILE... SMILE... SMILE!

  1. Choose to be CHEERFUL! How often do you hide your playful side?

  2. Choose to be UPBEAT! Would your co-workers describe you as a little too serious?

  3. Choose to be HIGH-SPIRITED! Who said work and play don't mix?

It's easier to be energetic when you're cheerful than when you're gloomy. An entertaining, playful and humorous atmosphere always generates positive energy. Give yourself something to look forward to by incorporating fun activities into your schedule. Take pleasure in completing even the smallest tasks. Dreaded tasks become easier when you approach them with a lighter attitude.

"An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?" ~ Michel De Saint-Pierre

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Energy Color.

Could You Use Some Help?

Your goal will be reached more easily if there are others who'll commit to this same goal. A shared goal is an extremely powerful force.

A shared cause and a shared goal guarantee success. Be sure to share yours.

Today's TQ Challenge: Share Goals for Mutual Success.

  1. Choose to be SUPPORTIVE! Which of your goals could be advanced by sharing it with someone else?

  2. Choose to be GIVING! Who else could commit to and benefit from your goal?

  3. Choose to be COOPERATIVE! Who else is on your side, but just doesn't know it yet? What can you do to make them a part of "your dream's team?"

Nothing is more powerful than a team of people all focused on the same goal. Dare to share your dreams with others. A shared goal is an extremely powerful force -- and a shared cause virtually guarantees success. When your goal benefits a host of other people, motivation and commitment to the goal increases proportionately. When you align your goals with those of others, you dramatically improve the probability of each person's success.

"My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose -- somehow we win out." ~ Ronald Reagan

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Set Goals Color.

Then What?

Teach yourself to always ask, "What's next?" What are you going to do after you finish what you're working on next? The more you plan ahead, the more you'll accomplish in the time you have.

Smooth out your day. Always know what and where your next step is so you won't trip over it.

Today's TQ Challenge: Plan at Least One Step Ahead.

  1. Choose to be PREPARED! How much longer will your present task take? Then what? And after that?

  2. Choose to be FORESIGHTFUL! Are your daily tasks linked one to another or just randomly ordered?

  3. Choose to be EFFICIENT! Is your agenda for tomorrow complete and prioritized?

The more you plan ahead, the more you accomplish in the time you have. Planning ahead is a skill that applies equally to your next move, your next task, your next day and your next year. When you look ahead to where you want to go, you can determine in advance what you are going to do, what you're going to need to effectively do it -- and identify the shortest route to get it done.

"It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do." ~ John R. Amos

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Make Plans Color.

A Success Habit?

I made it a habit years ago to ruthlessly limit my exposure to junk, fake and useless news to just 30 minutes a day.

That is more than enough time to get a global perspective on what's going on, process what is being said, and form an opinion.

Think about this.

There are only 1,440 minutes in a day (24 hours x 60 minutes).

Read this article at

How to become a lightning rod for miracles.

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best.

If you do the best you can, given the circumstances in which you find yourself, what more is there?


Read this article at

The Golden Key To Life: Focus and Commitment.

To achieve your dreams... to maintain balance in the heat of the battle... to know that you have done the best you could given the circumstances you faced... requires you to focus on the important, and not be consumed by the urgent.

This is a major driver of success, both personally and professionally. It is not hard to focus, if you know what's important to you, and what's not.

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Are you proud of what you have accomplished...

For the next two weeks, we will be discussing the "flip side" of Will Power: Peace of Mind.

As those of you who have read The Power of TQ know, my definition of success is simply this: "The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best."

As General Patton says, if you do your best, what more is there?

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Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful...

This week, in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend, we will be discussing how showing thanks and appreciation, in everyday terms, enhances your ability to live what you value most.

If you are not GETTING what you want out of life, maybe you're not GIVING enough to it.

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