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It's National Zookeepers Week!
National Zookeeper Week occurs every third week of July and celebrates the hard work of zookeepers around the world. Here at Capron Park Zoo,
we're home to an amazingly talented team of keepers who all come from different professional backgrounds. Our keeper team is incredibly dedicated to their animals, taking the time each day to carefully clean habitats, prepare diets, create enrichment, train animals, record their records, and assist in veterinary procedures. We're very grateful for our keeper team's talents and skills that they bring to the zoo every day. This week we'll be highlighting some of our keepers on social media to share their amazing stories, starting with Kylie!
Kylie has been with the zoo since 2019 and has an incredible passion for training. Kylie trains many of the animals at the zoo, including the Amur leopard, De Brazza's monkeys, lemurs, servals, meerkats, and more! Training is incredibly important for building relationships between animals and keepers. It also helps keepers observe their health and prepare them for veterinary procedures. Kylie also created and organizes the annual animal art auction! Her favorite animals to work with at the zoo are the primates.

Posted on Jul 17, 2023 14:10pm by admin

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