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The 12 Days of Pitmas
writes, "by the Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter

Starting Monday, December 13th... join us as we explore the 12 days of Pitmas! Each day we will post about the biased myths that still haunt the Pit Bull type breed.

Together, we can have fun sharing the joy these dogs bring.
The 12 Days of Pitmas - Day 1
"I'm not ever going near "THOSE KINDA DOGS"...once they bite they don't let go, their jaws lock". EVER HEAR THAT ONE......

Share your experience with this myth......

This statement isn't even a possibility unless we are talking about a serious medical case of Tetanus. The jaws of a pit bull are built just like the jaws of any other dog. This has been proven in studies conducted on the breed and other breeds. The studies looked at the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth. There is nothing unique with a Pit Bull's jaw or functions of the jaw than any other breed. For additional information on the studies, please review the study by Dr. Brisbin.

HOWEVER, we can't say that about a Pit Bulls tongue! If you've ever been kissed by a Pit Bull than you know the power of the pittie Kiss! BEWARE OF THAT OBSESSIVE KISS!


The 12 Days of Pitmas - Day 2
"Pit Bulls just snap because their brain outgrows their skull"...CRAZY, I know but we hear it!!


This rumor started with the Doberman, and has since been said about game-bred dogs in general. The concept of an animal’s brain swelling or growing too large and somehow causing the animal to “go crazy” is not based in truth in any way.

Their brains grow at the same rate as any other dog, and the only time that a Pit Bull’s brain is going to swell is if it receives a serious injury, as with any other breed (even a human). If an animal’s brain were to grow too big for its head, the animal would die.

HOWEVER, no study has been completed about their ego! I do believe they get "big heads" simply because they get so many compliments from their humans. Their humans are known for saying how much they love their clown like antics, their wiggle butts and of course their pucker power :) (I'd get an ego too if I heard that every day too)


12 Days of Pitmas - Day 3
Some people believe that Pit Bulls have inherently bad temperaments.
It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society that pit bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population.

12 Days of Pitmas - Day 4!
Many people think that Pitbulls are one breed. This is actually not true. There are actually four recognized pitbull breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier.
While they do share some similarities, their body builds are quite different. American Staffordshire looks stocky and mid sized. American Bully is quite stout and shorter more like a bulldog. Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the smallest of the pitbulls. And the American Pitbull Terrier is taller and lean.

12 Days of Pitmas - Day 5
Studies show that the title "Nanny Dog" is a myth. As the name states "nanny dog", it's impossible for any dog to care for someone like a nanny would.
Although, everyone that says this, means it as a very positive thing to promote, but it's real dangerous to assume as the name states that a dog can perform as a human.
Myth or not, that title is very misleading. It gives the impression that it's ok to leave your dog and child alone.
No matter what the breed is, what the size of the dog is, how their temperament is or how well you know the dog should never leave a child and dog alone!
Accidents do happen and when they do a parent is left saying " I never thought my dog would ever do this"!
Choose your words wisely ❤️

Stay tuned for Day 6!


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