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Q: What would happen if you eliminated every distraction in your life thatís not serving you?
writes, "(by Jason Bell)
A: Iíll tell you- it'll be the most beautiful growth youíll ever experience in your life.

Thatís exactly what I did for the past 30 days...

-----ENTER 30 DAYS AGO-----
Itís 11:26 pm as Iím setting on the edge of the bed and I start thinking of all the things I need to do in my company that isnít yet in place..

I start thinking about the goals I want to attain this year. I think on how I want to help & serve others with the knowledge iíve attained, so they can achieve their dreams & goals as I have.

I wondered why I havenít gone all in to the degree I can..

I think on why I keep contracting in my aspirations, and have yet to fully expand on the visions I see for my life.

I wondered why am I not giving the world my very best?

I then say to myself: ďstop being so hard on yourself J, youíre doing the work, everything takes time.Ē

Self: Well, when are you going to do it? this to-do list is getting long.

Self: Iíll start tomorrow

At that moment I challenged the thought and said: ďNo, you do it now!Ē

I realized had to stop saying soon in my actions, but never saying when.

At that moment, I realized Iíve been distracted. Distracted by things that doesnít serve me to getting to my promise land.

I then had a thought: ďWhat If I eliminated EVERY distraction from my life, so the only thing I could focus on what were the areas that truly mattered to me, so I can achieve my goals faster?Ē

That thought forced me make decisions that weíre a tad extreme, and uncomfortable..


Immediately, I proceeded to do the following:

>Deleted Facebook (added chrome extension called
newsfeed eradicator so I didnít mindlessly scroll. I only hopped in my Business groups to help my customers. Other than that, I had no clue what was going on in FB land)

>Deleted Instagram

>Deleted Youtube ( I love watching basketball highlights & watching funny clips online to unwind at night)í

>Deleted Netflix/Hulu and all streaming services.

>Deleted my phone games (I like playing puzzle thinking

>I essentially made a pact with myself that said: ďYouíll do nothing to entertain yourself other than working on the goals for your life....Until youíve crossed off the priority areas youíve been wanting to complete/learn more about/achieve, then you donít deserve to do anything else. The only thing you focus on is what BEST serves youĒ

...And so it began

The first few days were tough, not gonna lie. Like someone going through withdrawal, I found myself reaching for my phone looking for apps (Fb/YT/Instagram) that werenít there. It was bizarre.

I remember sitting on the couch and I said: Ďwelp, I guess Iíll learn more about stocks, business, health areas, etc.

I started to read more-have gone through 4 books this month.

I dug into my company data more, and realized Iíd been missing out on simple revenue growth areas.

I hired a coaching program to help me with company structuring and hiring.

I made two new hires for my company (within a week!)

As I continued the journey, I made an update in my journal just 10 days in:

ďItís only been a little over a week and I can already tell a world of difference. Iím sharper in my thinking and everything is becoming more clear. Iím more creative- ideas are flowing to me constantly and iím able to think more strategically it seems..I have a calm about me like never before and I feel at peace. Iíve started to listen to more jazz, and it plays throughout the house as I end the day. So melodic. Things have slowed down and I'm stopping to listen without rush. Iím appreciating more. I feel happier and more in tune with my emotions. Iím more honest with myself, and I allow myself to feel what I feel without judgement.
Mentally, Iím becoming stronger. It feels like Iím going deeper within myself, and tapping into a place I've never been before. Whatís emerging is beautiful. Iím learning more about myself, and iím caring less about judgement. Iím removing the mask and itís carrying over into my business, and it has already led to amazing revelations. Iím getting more clear in my business goals. Iím making the time to truly learn and understand any areas I need more knowledge on. Iím no longer accepting: not being good at something, not knowing something that causes me not to act, not aiming to do my very best in everything I touch. Iím no onger accepting things I donít like or that makes me contract. Only things, people, projects that make me expandĒ

Yes, this was uncomfortable as heck, but it became a norm, just like any habit.

Just about every area of my life started to improve.

During this time, I also started a 10 day water drinking challenge created by Alex Charfen. Itís all about awakening your natural thirst and hyper hydrating. Basically, you drink ton of water All the time! Literally peeing all day lol. Every hour you drink 20 ounces of water all day. Nothing else, just water.

Anyhow, I started to build a mental toughness and resilience like Iíve never experienced before. I feel like Ďcanít nobody shake my treeí.

I feel like Iíve built a shield of armor that can only be attained by doing the inner work. Iím now operating at a higher frequency thatís hard to explain other than saying it feels like iím a better version of myself. This has been the MOST PROFITABLE month I've ever had in business, and I'm the best shape of my life (almost back to my triple jumping weight!)


1-DISTRACTIONS ARE THE ENEMY OF GROWTH: Lingchi- often associated with the phrase Ďdeath by 1000 cutsí-Distractions are kinda like that. We donít realize the impact of having our attention diverted, being distracted. We think nothing of it to mindlessly scroll social media, binge watch shows and movies, play games all the time.. Listen, I LOVE all those things, but Iím saying itís important to be mindful of the time youíre actually spending doing those things. The most common excuse people give themselves is that ĎIím busyí.. But are you really? Or are you busy doing pointless crap that keeps distracting you from reaching your promise land?

2-BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: you can lie to everyone else, but stop lying to yourself. Donít lean on ANY excuses that donít serve you. If you donít know something, then go learn it. If you struggle in areas, be aware of it, and go do something about it. Be honest with where youíre at, how you feel, and what needs to be done. Stop lying to yourself.

2-WE ALL HAVE AN ESCAPE/OUTLET: for some itís video games, or TV, or food, drugs, or alcohol. Everyone has an escape. Again, itís not a bad thing. However, do you use your escape to AVOID doing what needs to be done? Are you using that escape to lean on an excuse as to why you canít Be/do/achieve something? Are you using that escape to NOT confront yourself? Again, be brutally honest with yourself. Sometimes our escapes are the very thing that keep us from our dreams. Donít let your escape be your Ďdream deferredí. Donít let it happen.

3-TAPP IN: It felt so uncomfortable at first when I couldnít watch tv, youtube, social media, movies, drink ciders (my alcohol of choice)..NothingÖ The only thing I could do was look in the mirror and confront myself. So, understand it will be uncomfortable, but it will greatly serve you. Going deeper will only unlock strengths and abilities that you didnít even know you had.

5-FOCUS ON UNDERSTANDING: meaning truly focus on understanding the core of everything youíre doing. Dissect it. Break it down. Get clarity on it. Donít take the ĎIíll skim it approachí with anything. Understand your goals more... your job, your industry, your diet youíre on, etc.. Understanding unlocks growth.


1-Think about an area(s) of your life where you desire more growth. Your goals, dreams you have, where you want to be in X amount of time. Think on it. Make it clear.

2-Whatís keeping you from getting there? Remember, be honest with yourself.

3-Eliminate ANY and every distraction that doesnít serve you from reaching your promise land for 30 days.

I felt compelled to write this, so I hope it resonated. Feel free to share if you got any value.

Keep on keeping on because your BEST is yet to come!

You got this!


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