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How can a Christian vote for President Trump?
writes, "So first I feel itís important for us to understand who Christians are. Christians are followers of Jesus. They are set apart to be ambassadors for Jesus. They have trusted in the gospel message and have acknowledged their sin and know that without Jesus they would end up dying and going to hell. They do not mind being the minority or being looked at as peculiar. Or at least I donít lol. As a Christian, Jesus gives you the power to stand boldly."
That brings me to my next point. As someone who is bold in her faith there are things that I just cannot align myself with. When I donít align myself with certain things it doesnít mean that Iím a bigot or hateful. It just means my convictions are strong and ultimately my allegiance is to Christ. Period. I want to please Him not man.
So let me just share why as a Christian Trump will get my vote in November.
1. He is a Pro-Life President. Whoever realizes and acknowledges that unborn babies lives matter and they stand up for the most innocent I will ALWAYS make that the #1 reason they get my vote. If we canít respect life in the womb how can you truly say ALL lives matter. Jesus tells us to look out for the most innocent. Why doesnít the unborn fit into that category? He says ďthou shalt not murderĒ so why in the world would I vote for Biden when he stands strongly for the murdering of unborn babies?
2. Trump has set out to protect religious freedoms. Heís proven that. Heís signed many executive orders keeping religious folk protected. We have a right to worship. Everyone has a right to worship and heís realized the attack on religious freedoms and heís worked for fix it. That means a lot to me considering my faith means everything to me. I should have a right to stand by my convictions because we are free here in America. Trump understands that. He allows prayer and worship in the White House and constantly surrounds himself by people of faith. Instead of omitting God from every platform He welcomes God in. As a Christian why would I not appreciate that??
3. He is patriotic. He loves this Country. There is not a doubt in my mind. He loves our veterans. He respects our police officers. He believes in law & order. He truly wants to see America flourish and become great again. I mean I have 9 grown children and I want them to have a safe place to raise their families. I mean the other side wants to defund the police! Are we kidding? As a Christian mama I have a responsibility to protect my kids from harm and that means voting for someone with a brain🤷‍♀️
4. Trump is a supporter of Israel. God said in His word if we bless Israel He will bless us. If we curse Israel He will curse us. Iím voting for someone who stands alongside Israel. Iím not willing to turn my back on the apple of His eye.
As a Christian itís my duty to vote according to my convictions and it is not a difficult decision when choosing to vote for Trump.
I cannot support a party who slays babies in the womb.
I cannot support a party who omits God out of everything.
I cannot support a party who supports the destruction of business all in the name of justified revenge.
I cannot support a party who wants to defund the police.
I cannot support a party who clearly has one agenda and that is to gain political power to usher us into a nation whoís freedoms will be forfeited.
So this is some of why I can vote for Trump unashamed. I donít have to care what people think. I care about obeying the Lord above all.


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