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Empty Bowls Attleboro Community Meal A Big Success
writes, "Empty Bowls Attleboro Area would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in our efforts to fight hunger and food insecurity in our community. On November 10, we shared a Community Meal with over 300 people attending and raised OVER $50,000 that will be used to directly fight hunger in the Attleboro Area. During the event, our guests enjoyed an evening of soup, friends, music, and raffles. Each guest selected a hand-crafted bowl to keep as a reminder of the empty bowls they helped to fill by taking part."
Everyone who donated food, made a pottery bowl, glazed a bowl, bought a ticket, became a sponsor or volunteered is to be congratulated for taking part in our inaugural event. This represents a tremendous outpouring of generosity to our cause of " fighting hunger through art one bowl at a time".

A special thank you to Morin's Hometown Bar and Grille and to Russell Morin Catering & Events for donating the delicious soups. Thank you to Fitzy's Pub for our cookies, Walgreens for our bottled water and Shaw's, Stop & Shop and Seabra for hundreds of apples.
Special thanks also to Patterson Creations' Jermaine Patterson and Sonia Aguiar for their wonderful support by providing a marvelous space for our glazing parties. Thank you Robin McDonald and Natalie Norton of The Attleboro Y for hosting our event and helping us along the way. All of the Y staff has been gracious and generous.

We were fortunate to have truly wonderful responses to our requests for sponsorship. First, we would like to recognize an Anonymous donor as well as the Marcus Robbins family for generously providing a "Dinner Challenge " which meant that every dollar donated was matched!

Along with the Morins and Patterson Creations, our "Leaders" include ART/SET and
the Larson Cederberg Charitable Foundation. Our "Advocates" are Attleboro Rotary, Darlene and Steve Blazejewski, Jim and Colleen Curry, Thomas and Theresa De Marco, and Sarah Mott and Hans Schaefer.Our "Supporters" are Adam and Robin Antonik, Coogan Smith LLP, Martha and John Machnik, and John and Lynn McCarthy in memory of Michael Coletti.
Our "Believers" are Bristol County Savings Bank, Castro Thresher & Oliviera, Cryan Landscaping, Staygreen, Sally Cobb, Deb Leach, Ward and Lucy Mooney and Ruth Weinstein.In addition, we have 23 individuals and businesses who are "Friend" and "Associate" donors.

Lastly and importantly, we want to acknowledge Lisa Piscatelli of Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative and Pam Tarralo of the Food n' Friends program who work so tirelessly in our community providing services to those in our neighborhood who need it the most. We could not be happier in helping you continue your valuable work.
Together we serve.

Our committee is talented, dedicated and grateful: Sarah Mott, Sally Cobb, Martha Machnik, Darlene Blazejewski, Dave Laferriere and Karole Nicholson.

For our Empty Bowls Team,

Thank You!
Sally Cobb


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