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A MA State Representative's Stance on Mandated Flu Vaccines for School Children
writes, "(posted by State Representative Steve Whelan)
I have received considerable outreach from constituents in our district expressing everything from concern to outrage over the Commonwealth's newly announced flu vaccine mandate and I thought I would share with you an email I sent this morning to Secretary Marylou Sudders (EOHHHS) and Commissioner Monica Bharel (DPH):
Madame Secretary and Madame Commissioner,
Please accept this email as a statement of my concern with the Commonwealth's newly announced flu vaccination mandate. I am troubled that this mandate makes a statement to parents that the Commonwealth, not parents working in cooperation with their family's primary care physicians, are the ultimate arbiters of their child's health care decisions. I question the value of flu vaccinations as a whole. My personal experience is that the only time I've contracted the flu in the past 15 years have been the three times I received a flu vaccine. I therefore exercise my own judgement and elect to not receive this vaccine. I ask that parents be allowed to exercise this same judgement for their children. This new mandate goes too far.
In closing, I am not an "anti-vaxxer". I am, however, someone who was forced by our government to receive an experimental Anthrax vaccine 30 years ago while I was serving in the US Marine Corps. It wasn't a good experience and the side effects were terrible. This has given me perspective. I believe vaccinations work but I am also a strong proponent of individual liberties and affording parents their God given right to make health care decisions for their own children. I ask you to please rescind this mandate and replace it with a public health advisory accompanied with enough information to help educate parents and better empower them to make the best decision for their families.
Thank you,
Timothy R. Whelan
State Representative- First Barnstable District
State House Room 542
Boston, MA. 02133
(617) 722-2488

Tim Whelan is the State Representative for the First Barnstable district, Massachusetts


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