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Attleboro Farmer's Market Open Day, Saturday, June 26, 9-1pm

Greater Attleboro Small Business SWAT Team

The purpose of this FACEBOOK GROUP is to select a local business each week who is struggling during the pandemic to patronize and support. Together we can make a substantial difference in helping these businesses survive!

Important to Know!  Shared by the Attleboro Land Trust...

Did you know that a box turtle only roams 1 mile its' whole life?  If it's removed from it's area / home then for the rest of its life will roam aimlessly stressed out... trying to find "home" until it finally dies a very sad death.

Please do not remove turtles.  Do not take them home as pets.  If one is injured, please mark the exact spot found for the wildlife center.  If a turtle is in the road, you can help by moving it directly across the street in the direction it was heading.  Thank you!

Many people think it is harmless to let their children take home a docile turtle to play with and release it someplace they see appropriate.  Box Turtle Conservation


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