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Opinion - NA Free Press

Opinion - North Attleborough Free Press

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Liccar cartoon: Activist emergency room Joe Liccar cartoon on the emergency room for activists.

Granlund cartoon: Trump followers Dave Granlund cartoon on President Donald Trump’s followers.

Beeler cartoon: ‘White’ power Nate Beeler cartoon on President Donald Trump’s lack of response to Charlottesville.

Arthur I. Cyr: North Korea missile threats... The extreme, and some would add insane, regime in North Korea traditionally deploys far-out threatening rhetoric. Personal insults, bizarre accusations and apocalyptic images of destruction are all in a days’ broadcasting for this strange government.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been making specific nuclear threats against the island of Guam, a United States territory. President Donald Trump has responded with graphic warnings. Early in the year, Kim boasted Pyongyang now has [...]

Granlund cartoon: Harmful rays Dave Granlund cartoon on the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse.

Granlund cartoon: Alt-right violence Dave Granlund cartoon on Alt-right violence and President Donald Trump.

Liccar cartoon: Cartoonist’s plea Joe Liccar cartoon on wondering what year it is.

Mark L. Hopkins: Football has become our... It is almost that time of year when the fanatic football fan can be lost in the tumult of college and professional football. Husbands say goodbye to their wives, teenagers wear jerseys with favorite numbers on them, male and female alike begin to bleed orange, or blue, or red and black or whatever their favorite team’s color is. Corporate America has a lucrative place to advertise, colleges invite their big donors to sit in the president’s box, and Joe average gets his set of $100 [...]

Granlund cartoon: Solar eclipse prediction Dave Granlund cartoon on NASA and the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

Beeler cartoon: Nuclear brinkmanship Nate Beeler cartoon on President Donald Trump and nuclear brinkmanship.

Matthew T. Mangino: A first step:... Being a kid is difficult. For many young teens, misbehaving can be part of normal development.

RICK HOLMES: Finding America in our summer places MARLBORO, Vermont – South Pond is off a dirt road officially known as Cowpath 40. The signs read just C.P. 40, because the "Cowpath 40" signs kept disappearing. It’s a small lake, with no lifeguard, a rough beach and a raft built by volunteers. But on a summer day, you won’t find cleaner water or fresher air anywhere, and the sunsets take your breath away.The people at South Pond tend to be cheery and nice: Who wouldn’t be on such a lovely mid- [...]

On The Road with Rick Holmes: Finding America... It’s a small lake, with no lifeguard, a rough beach and a raft built by volunteers. But on a summer day, you won’t find cleaner water or fresher air anywhere, and the sunsets take your breath away.

Granlund cartoon: Glen Campbell tribute Dave Granlund cartoon on the passing of country-music legend Glen Campbell.

Landgren cartoon: Trump vacation Don Landgren cartoon on President Donald Trump’s vacation.

Landgren cartoon: Carbon monoxide leaks Don Landgren cartoon on carbon monoxide leaks in police cruisers.

Granlund cartoon: Rattling nerves Dave Granlund cartoon on nuclear threats from President Donald Trump and North Korea.

Beeler cartoon: North Korea nukes Nate Beeler cartoon on North Korea and nuclear weapons.

Beeler cartoon: Fantasy football Nate Beeler cartoon on the NFL and CTE studies.

Arthur I. Cyr: International leverage isolates... The United Nations Security Council has imposed strong new economic sanctions on North Korea, notable for the unqualified participation of China. Previous Chinese government reluctance to participate was not publicly in evidence this time. South Korea has also been an active participant. That is important in a complex diplomatic duel with the North, which has nuclear military as well as economic dimensions.Ambassador Nikki Haley, the top United States representative to the world [...]

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