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Opinion - NA Free Press

Opinion - North Attleborough Free Press

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QUIZ: What's your Boston Marathon IQ? The 122nd Boston Marathon steps off Monday, April 16.  The world's oldest and best known road race is expected to draw 1 million spectators, lining the marathon course from Hopkinton to downtown Boston. How well do you know the iconic Boston Marathon?  Find out by taking our quiz below.[gh:script src="https://embed-469666.secondstreetapp.com/Scripts/dist/embed.js" data-ss-embed="promotion" data-opguid="d55f42f6-c1d5-472e-ad01-8c0c5f953761" data- [...]

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DiRenzo: A vote for Pare To the Editor,I would like to express my support for Board of Selectmen candidate Justin Pare.I’ve known Justin on both a professional and personal level for a number of years. He’s a current member of the Finance Committee and as the clerk of the committee we’ve worked together in that capacity. The past few years on the committee have been extremely stressful given the town’s budgetary constraints. During this time I have seen Justin maintain a [...]

SWEENEY: North Attleborough can be better To the Editor,I didn’t grow up in North Attleborough. I moved here in 2008 as a 37-year-old married mother of three daughters looking for a special place to raise my family. North Attleborough was the perfect spot for us. We were able to quickly integrate into such a welcoming community.For me, it began at the Richards Memorial Library. As a stranger in town with young children, I didn’t know anyone. The RML offered story times and a comforting place to go where I [...]

DUNN: Support the override To the Editor,We support the override because we support you and North Attleborough. If the override does not pass, the result will impact us all. Let’s listen to each other and work collaboratively to take a positive step in sustaining and improving North Attleborough through a "yes" vote on the override.We attended an informational session on the override vote recently. Here are a few things that may happen if it doesn’t pass:* The continued inadequate [...]

B. NOBREGA: North Attleborough is worth an... To the Editor,Recently, detractors of the Proposition 2 ½ override have thrown out various numbers to support their case. I’m a numbers person, too, so I spent some time perusing the data in the state’s municipal databank, and I’d like to provide numbers-based facts as well.North Attleborough has a population of 28,965 people and the combined (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) taxes levied were $48,844,433 in FY2017. With some quick division, [...]

LLOYD: Supporting Pare for selectman To the Editor,As a mom of young children in elementary school and the president of Roosevelt's PTO, I have seen firsthand the damage that North Attleborough's insufficient budget has done to our schools.Our PTO works overtime to bridge the gap left by budget shortfalls, and that bridge is no longer enough. We need proper funding and strategic leadership now.I believe whole heartedly that Justin Pare is the Board of Selectmen candidate who can bring that leadership and [...]

STONE: Voting Paré for top board To the Editor,Here in North Attleborough, we are blessed with smart, educated, and informed citizens, so it’s no surprise that we have a number of excellent candidates for Board of Selectmen. This year, I believe Justin Parè is the standout candidate.A business leader at Dell Technologies, Justin also works hard within our community as a member of RTM and on the Finance Committee, where he has gained a valuable understanding of the financial situation facing our [...]

NOBREGA: Hobbs the choice for school board To the Editor,I am writing this letter to express my support of Kathryn Hobbs for School Committee. Not only is she abundantly qualified given her years of teaching experience, numerous volunteer roles in our schools/community, and her current job working in education research, but I have worked very closely with Kathryn and her effort and dedication is amazing.My children and Kathryn’s children have been in the same schools and grades from elementary to high school, [...]

B. LEVESQUE: Hobbs an ideal choice for school... To the Editor,Vote Hobbs for School Committee on April 3. I can't think of a more qualified candidate than Kathryn Hobbs for School Committee.If I could handpick the experience and skills I would want in a school committee member, I would find someone who is passionate about our students and our schools, has experience as a teacher, brings a thoughtful approach to tackling tough issues, and has volunteered time throughout the community. That ideal candidate is Kathryn Hobbs. [...]

GILBERT: Vote 'yes' for the community To the Editor, Merriam Webster defines community as a unified body of individuals; the people with common interests living in a particular area.Lately, we have all heard the word community used over, and over again. Our town departments are necessary parts of our community. When you begin to defund, or eliminate them, you lose pieces of what makes North Attleborough a great community.Please don’t let this happen. Vote yes for the override on April 3. [...]

LEVESQUE: North needs a 'yes' on override To the Editor:I will vote Yes for the override on April 3.As a community, what path forward do we want this amazing town to take? Do we want to keep watching the slow decline of all our town's services (not just public safety and schools, but library, park and rec, senior services, roads, etc.)? Or do we want to make a conscious decision to work together to improve our shared path?I've probably attended hundreds of hours of information sessions and meetings during the [...]

GALASSO: In support of Hobbs for school board To the Editor,I’m writing in support of Kathryn Hobbs, candidate for North Attleborough School Committee. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Kathryn on the Friends of Music executive board at North Attleborough High School for the past year. She is intelligent and hardworking. She consistently shows a deep commitment to the goals of our committee. I know she will bring that dedication to the school committee.Kathryn is the parent of two children in the [...]

TODARO: Endorsing John Rhyno for selectman To the Editor,I urge the voters of North Attleborough to reelect John Rhyno for another term to serve on the Board of Selectmen for our town. I have had the privilege of knowing John since our student days at North Attleborough High School.Since the days of our youth, whether he was playing football for the NAHS team or in the subsequent years as a leader in our town government, John consistently proved himself to be a strong leader, and a devoted servant of the people. [...]

KRASKOUSKAS: Endorsing Pare for selectman To the Editor,Please join me in supporting Justin Pare’ as candidate for the North Attleborough Board of Selectman.I have been involved with Community School’s PTO for 11 years with my four children and have seen the growing difficulties teachers and administration face with the lack of resources and funding. I know town departments are facing these same challenges. This is a critical time for our kids, our schools, our town and its future. We need someone who has [...]

SOTO: Vote 'No' override needed To the Editor,Here we go again! A tax override question is on the ballot once again. After so many overwhelming defeats at the ballot box, one would think that the town would have learned by now that most residents can't afford and don't want to pay more taxes.Many folks have still not recovered from the 2008 economic downturn and its accompanying recession. Those who lost their good paying jobs are still unemployed or have had to settle for lower paying or part-time jobs. [...]

NASSANEY: It's time to unite for North To the Editor,Over these past months, I have spoken with hundreds of residents and heard their questions, concerns and frustrations. The common thread in all of these conversations is that we all care about our community. I love North Attleboro, but I'm concerned about its current state. I was born and raised here, have chosen to raise my family here and my parents still reside in town, too. I feel all of North Attleboro's residents deserve a certain quality of critical services and [...]

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POLL: How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Let us know how all you lads, lasses and leprechauns plan to party on St. Patrick's Day. Vote in our poll below.

POLL: What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? It's National Girl Scout Day and there's no better way to celebrate than snacking on some of the many varieties of delicious Girl Scout cookies. What's your fave? Vote in our poll below.

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