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Opinion - NA Free Press

Opinion - North Attleborough Free Press

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Granlund cartoon: Coal miner jobs Dave Granlund cartoon on President Donald Trump and coal miner jobs.

Matthew T. Mangino: Convictions in police... Last month, former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager pleaded guilty in federal court to violating Walter Scott's civil rights by shooting him with no justification.

Granlund cartoon: Summer invasion Dave Granlund cartoon on summer vacation.

RICK HOLMES: The healing powers of vacation SARATOGA SPRINGS, New York -- This is one of the places where the American vacation was invented.For more than 200 years, people have been coming to Saratoga Springs for their health. Soon after the Mohawks first led white settlers to the spots where strange-tasting water with healing powers bubbled up from deep within the earth, early entrepreneurs began buying up the springs and tapping them for profit. The first hotel opened in 1802, and by 1823 Saratoga Springs mineral water [...]

Granlund cartoon: GOP Health elixir Dave Granlund cartoon on the GOP Health elixir.

Evan F. Moore: #EbonyOwes shows publication... Two years ago, I ran into a Target on the South Side of Chicago to get a copy of the Ebony magazine I had written a story for. To see my byline in an iconic magazine, one that I’ve read since I was a kid, was a feeling I will never forget. Even though I had a subscription, my excitement led me to buy four copies from Target that day. Any journalist dreams of seeing their writing in a well-known publication. And I think that along the way, Ebony (the premier lifestyle magazine for [...]

Beeler cartoon: Health care reform Nate Beeler cartoon on health care reform being in progress.

Liccar cartoon: Action news Joe Liccar cartoon on action news in 2017.

Landgren cartoon: Chocolate milk Don Landgren cartoon on Americans believing chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Arthur I. Cyr: France again votes for moderation In parliamentary elections held June 18, French voters continued the moderate trend which was apparent in the presidential election last month. In that earlier election, Emmanuel Macron was elected chief executive of the nation by a substantial margin. He decisively defeated radical nationalist Marine Le Pen.An important factor has been widespread anxiety regarding Le Pen and her party, fueled in part by the long controversial political career of her outspoken father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. [...]

Beeler cartoon: Unresponsive wakefulness Nate Beeler cartoon on the U.S.’s policy on North Korea.

Granlund cartoon: Southwest heatwave Dave Granlund cartoon on the heatwave in the Southwest.

Granlund cartoon: Personal lawyers Dave Granlund cartoon on personal lawyers flooding the White House.

Beeler cartoon: Trump obstruction probe Nate Beeler cartoon on the obstruction probe of President Donald Trump.

Mark L. Hopkins: And the band played on Randy Shilts wrote a book about the Aids epidemic and used that title. The classic book and movie “Titanic” could also have been called by that same title. It is hard to forget the scene in the “Titanic” movie where the band continued to play even as the ship slipped into the depths of the ocean.When the Titanic hit that iceberg, it was sailing at top speed through waters dotted with icebergs while the people on board continued to dance and party, seemingly [...]

Granlund cartoon: Health Insurance profits Dave Granlund cartoon on Health Insurance company profits.

Matthew T. Mangino: The irony of an expanding... A grim pall hangs over the White House. As the Russian investigation evolves into a probe of obstruction of justice by the president of the United States the irony seems lost on Donald Trump.

Beeler cartoon: Fake Abe Nate Beeler cartoon on politics in 2017.

Liccar cartoon: Uncivil discourse Joe Liccar cartoon on uncivil discourse.

Granlund cartoon: GOP baseball practice shooting Dave Granlund cartoon on the shooting at the GOP baseball practice.

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