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Block Party Anyone?

Everyone Loves a Good Block Party!
What If We Could Have One Online?

This is the local band, Cactus Attack, that played at our annual downtown North Block Party
This is the band, Cactus Attack, playing at the downtown North Attleborough Block Party

The annual downtown North Attleborough Block Party was amazing, attracting over ten thousand visitors in a few short hours a day and that was just ONE day of the year, a day, weather permitting, when local and not so local people, families, pets and children of all ages gathered together in one place known as downtown North, also affectionately called Big Red. Unfortunately, there will no longer be a block party in downtown North to look forward to although there WILL be other great local events to take its place.

So, what if, we could have a Block Party online here in the Zone?  I know nothing can compare to the offline gathering of a community block party with all the fun, food and festivities.  But, I've got a few ideas and I'm open to any that you may have about what that would look like!  What if, as a visitor to our site, you could enter raffles for free to win products or services from local businesses in North Attleborough, Attleboro, and surrounding towns and cities?  What if, as one who loves crafts and yard sales, you could either find or sell items here while thousands of visitors strolled through our community website enjoying the sights and sounds and all that is available, including your offer, at our online block party?

Unlike offline, an online Block Party would not depend on the weather, but be open 24/7!  There would be no time restrictions. Come and go as you want.  Check back when you can and check out what you missed before or to see what new item or service is being raffled off!  What if you could shop for cars or add a car, truck, boat or whatever to sell or trade or give away in our classified ads section?  What if, while 1000s of visitors are strolling through our online Block Party, someone saw the house you posted for sale on our Real Estate page?  What if you could sell and/or bid on items or services with an online auction?  There would be so much to see and do and so many opportunities to win raffles and contests and more!  What if we had a community web app and you could be notified on you smart phone when a raffle, yard sale, item, event or whatever was shared OR if you won a raffle!! The ideas just keep flowing!  Tell us what you think... 




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