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When the price — and the material —... We are in love with nature — but also with technology — so which is better when you build or remodel a home? Natural products such as wood or wool? Or a man-made substitute, such as laminate or nylon? To answer this question, I consulted dozens of design and DIY websites and checked in with my secret weapon — my parents — who are both architects. I focused on natural and man-made products that look alike. Think granite vs. quartz, but not Corian, as it has its own [...]

Front & center: Bring the same cozy elements to... The best part of summer is bringing your life outside. Your front porch is the perfect place to gather the family, sip lemonade and enjoy life. If you're lucky enough to have a front porch, give it a bit of attention. You're less likely to spend time on it if it's tired, outdated or simply needs a good cleaning, said lifestyle blogger Adrienne Hubbard of Crafty Little Gnome. The first step is to clear out the dust and spiderwebs as well as any junk that's accumulated over the [...]

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Tips for raking in cash at your yard sale Your yard sale hosting strategy can determine whether you rake in cash or waste a day. If you pull it off, others get to enjoy the items collecting dust in your home while you pocket extra money.

Designer advice for living well with dogs and cats Sharing your home with a dog or cat has many joys and a few disappointments — such as scratched floors, snagged sofas and soiled rugs.Designer and author Susanna Salk believes it is possible to live stylishly and practically with pets, and she asked 22 designers just how they did that. Salk's book "At Home With Dogs and Their Designers" is full of cute pups (and helpful ideas): a Yorkie lounging on an ikat sofa (print fabrics are more forgiving than solids), a sheepdog- [...]

How to prepare your outdoor grill for its time... No summer weekend is complete without an outdoor barbecue. But before you fire up the grill this season, you'll want to give it a thorough cleaning and make sure it's safe to use. After all, you don't want a grimy, greasy grill ruining the flavor of your Kobe steaks — or, even worse, a fire hazard in your back yard.Have an electric grill? You're in luck. Because electric grills are almost always nonstick, they're far simpler to clean than gas or charcoal [...]

Refresh your home's look with these $199 and... Whether you’re looking for a major overhaul of your kitchen or just looking for that perfect item that will be the finishing touch to your bedroom, our partners at Houzz offer an extensive product catalog, with many items $199 or less — here’s a small sampling of what’s on sale. Plus, happening right now is a free shipping event, so if you’d had your eye on [...]

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In a capsule closet, classics are what make the... Until recently, I thought a "capsule wardrobe" was some contemporary notion that millennials were touting as the newest fashion craze. I was surprised to learn that the term was coined in the 1970s by Susie Faux, owner of a London boutique called Wardrobe. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe contains a few essential and timeless items, such as skirts and pants, that can be supplemented with seasonal pieces. The concept peaked in 1985 when designer Donna Karan introduced a capsule [...]

Sellers disclosure: What do I need to know when... When you're selling a home, the words "sellers disclosure" may fill you with confusion, even with fear. What exactly is the point of a sellers disclosure and how much do you need to reveal? The following FAQs will give you the answers you're looking for. Q. What is a sellers disclosure?A. It's a document to be completed by the owner of a residential property for sale. In general, the sellers disclosure form consists mainly of several pages of [...]

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Home Help: How to attract hungry hummingbirds... BirdsHow to attract hungry hummingbirds to your yardAccording to the National Audubon Society, to sustain their supercharged metabolisms, hummingbirds must eat once every 10 to 15 minutes and visit between 1,000 and 2,000 flowers per day. When you provide a safe, reliable food source, it's like putting out a welcome mat for hummingbirds.Some flowering plants are particularly attractive to hummingbirds, like trumpet honeysuckle, bee balm and [...]

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Sick of all-white kitchens? Here are six ways... The all-white kitchen, the reigning trophy room of the American home, is not going away anytime soon.But change is afoot: Color is tiptoeing back into the kitchen. A growing number of consumers are looking to add some friendliness and warmth to the often cold, clinical white-and-gray cooking spaces that have dominated the past decade. Cobalt blue, pale pink and pumpkin are among the colors that are seeping into cabinets, islands, and even sinks and faucets."White is [...]

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Stretch the storage space in your kitchen,... People seem to fill whatever space they have available. So whether you have a house that was built 50 years ago with little storage or one that was built five years ago with ample storage, everyone can use some tips to maximize their space. Here are some ideas for your kitchen, closets, bathroom and office.KitchenTake apart the multi-packs of snacks, canned beverages, juice boxes and bars when you get home from the grocery store. The packaging takes up so much room in [...]

Driveway materials: Compare before you choose The four most popular driveway materials today are concrete, asphalt, gravel and pavers. How do you decide on the best one for your home? Sizing them all up may seem as baffling as comparing apples to oranges, but don't panic. Our detailed guide to each type of driveway material will simplify your choice.1. ConcreteAppearance: Normally, concrete is plain gray. However, it can be finished with a huge [...]

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10 secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances It's no secret a kitchen appliance is a major purchase. So you might be surprised to learn some of these clever money-saving tips from industry insiders.Don't focus on seasonal salesYou don't want to wait until your refrigerator or oven breaks before replacing it, but you don't need to time your purchases around Memorial Day, Black Friday or other sales events, either."If you look at advertisements for appliances, you'll see appliances are always on sale," [...]

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