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To add warmth, bring more of the great outdoors... WASHINGTON — When Jim and Jennifer Sergent bought their home in suburban Arlington, Virginia, two years ago, they appreciated its modern look — the exposed wood beams and the nature trail that passes in front of it. But the master bathroom left a lot to be desired. "This is a 1990s Deck House, so it's got an open post-and-beam structure that feels like an atrium, and that feeling extends right into our bedroom," said Jim, a graphics editor at USA Today. "But when [...]

Win at weeknight cooking with these two simple,... They don't, however, skimp on flavor.

How to make Flying Biscuit Cafe's award-winning... These dreamy grits aren't for the faint of heart.

5 decorating trends at the 2019 Atlanta... More...
The only Southern comfort food recipe... From pot roast to pecan pie, and every mac and cheese recipe in between, here's your ultimate guide to Southern comfort food.

We're getting mushy about overnight oats 9 tips for doing them right.

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace? Say you've got this very nice gas fireplace. It looks great in your living room and produces some gentle warmth. But you want more. More flames, more heat, more scent, more spectacle. Or maybe you'd like to save money on gas and you have some old wood lying around you want to get rid of. So you're asking, "Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?"Let's find out. Spoiler alert — "Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?" answered:Usually I [...]

Southern Kitchen's guide to cooking in,... We're sharing all of our secrets in this all-encompassing guide.

Marie Kondo's reality show forgoes big reveals,... The war on clutter continues. In previous reality-TV skirmishes with America's junk-filled closets and overstuffed garages, shows about clear-cut cleaning tried to sass and snark people into a state of tidiness.Before she found her way as an actress, Niecy Nash came to people's homes a decade ago on the former Style network's "Clean House" and decried their "foolishness" before unleashing a trio of helpers to pare down the mess and redecorate rooms to minimalist perfection. [...]

3 ways to turn ground lamb into tender,... Lamb burgers are a tasty, healthy alternative to beef.

12 ways to set up your kitchen for healthy eating More...
5 nontraditional twists on classic Southern... Just don't tell Grandma!

15 inspired Southern dishes and cocktails to... Bring something your friends actually want to eat.

Dear Monty: Should a homeowner allow others to... Reader Question: I own a home that sits on about one-and-a-half acres that is very close to a high school. The back part of my plot is a 20,0000-square-foot plot that was a fallow cornfield when we moved in. The agricultural science teacher has asked me if I might allow the school to use it as a teaching garden. I know nothing of the legalities and practicalities of proceeding with implementing the idea. The plot has no separate entrance, and I am also worried about [...]

Bean broth bingo: This lean protein makes a... The secrets to aquafaba.

How to make smoky honey-ginger pork tenderloin... One Texan grandmother grillmaster wrote the blueprint.

Q&A: Tips for refreshing your guest room Jessica Ann McCarthy, creative director of the digital design firm Decorist, joined staff writer Jura Koncius on The Washington Post's Home Front online chat and offered guest room refresh tips. Here is an edited excerpt. Q: Some of my relatives expect a full set of drawers and ample closet space when they visit. What do you think is a reasonable amount of storage space in a guest room?A: I think you should always provide at least one drawer and five hangers for [...]

For always-on-hand comfort food, make a... Soup's on ... and on ...

Southern Kitchen's guide to the very best fried... Everything you need to know, all in one place.

The best doormats, according to experts Even if you have a no-shoe policy in your house, there will be times when you need to dash inside with your shoes on for one last thing, or times when a handyman or repair person needs to wear work boots indoors. For these situations — and for shoe-on houses — doormats are essential. "With a good brush and stomp, doormats can prevent debris, wet snow and dripping rainwater from entering your home," says Lindsey Handel, a buyer for the garden and home store Terrain in Pennsylvania. [...]

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