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Lifestyle - NA Free Press

Lifestyle - North Attleborough Free Press

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Why doesn't religion rank higher among sources... Americans are less likely to name religion as a source of meaning or identity than other things, such as family or career. There are several likely reasons for this, researchers say.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Spectacular holiday light... Check out our interactive map to find brilliant displays around the region sure to get you and the whole family in the spirit of the season.

OFF THE VINE: Screw caps on wine bottles fuel... The debate over the use of screw caps on wine bottles continues to stir emotions among wine lovers. While some see them as rather novel, others have a strong aversion to their use. Since the early '60s screw caps have gained a rather solid footing in the wine industry and today can be found on bottles from around the world. In case you were wondering, screw caps are metal caps that screw onto threads on the neck of a wine bottle. A layer of plastic or other soft material is used as a wad to [...]

SENIOR Q&A: Stay positive if holiday visit... Q: My brother lives in an assisted living facility, and I will not be able to visit him this year for Christmas. I am feeling guilty about leaving him alone. What can I do to make his holiday pleasant for him?A: There are many people who live in assisted living facilities who either do not have much family or have family members unable to visit. Talk with the activities director of the facility and ask about the plans for Christmas Day. Are there [...]

WHAT'S UP DOC? Strange rash may be... Q: Over Thanksgiving my family and I went to Disney World. I developed a rash on my legs, and the clinic I went to in Orlando, Florida, said it was “Disney Rash” from walking so much in the heat. Is this a real thing?A: Yes! I have heard of this being called Disney rash, EPCOT rash, hiker’s rash and golfer’s rash, among other names. The first article I found on this was from 2005 where it was proposed to call this [...]

Why Christians may be less enthusiastic about a... Research shows that Christians are less excited about non-Christian elected officials than other Americans.

Buddhist pilgrimage in India Although relatively few modern Indians are Buddhists, Buddhism was born in India, and the subcontinent remains a major focus of Buddhist pilgrimage and devotion.

HOLIDAY FUN PHOTOS: Share Elf on the Shelf and... Have you and your children been having fun with Elf on the Shelf this holiday season? Has Santa’s little helper gotten into mischief while keeping an eye on the good girls and boys in your house? Snap a photo of your elf's antics and send it our way — before he or she heads back to Santa's workshop!And speaking of Santa, if your kids have been to visit with the big guy at the mall or a holiday celebration this season, please share your photos with Santa, too. [...]

Music and the Spoken Word: Giving more,... This season of special holidays is all about giving. Young children are often most excited aboutwhat they might receive, but over time, we discover that real joy comes from giving.

An homage to The Beer For Everyone Project He thought there was a beer out there for everyone. She thought he was nuts. What happened to all the beer that didn't get sipped during The Beer for Everyone Project?

Did world leaders listen to the G20 Interfaith... President Donald Trump and other policymakers from the world's top economies gathered in Argentina last weekend.

2 Christmas gifts to make your holiday a holier... “Commercial Christmas” starts too early, our consideration of the meaning of Christmas begins too late and our celebration of Christmas ends far too soon.

Hockomock YMCA announces LIVESTRONG... LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a free 12-week program designed for cancer survivors and their families seeking to regain health, build strength and connect with other cancer survivors. The goal is to help participants build muscle mass and muscle strength, increase flexibility and endurance, and improve functional ability. Certified YMCA fitness instructors give personal individualized instruction and are trained in the elements of cancer, post rehab exercise, nutrition and supportive [...]

DECK THE HALLS: Share photos of your home for... ‘Tis the season to be jolly and to deck your halls with boughs of holly, lights and other holiday decorations. Show us how your home sparkles this season by sending in photos of your holiday decor — inside and out!Capture your festive light displays, trimmed trees, Nativity scenes, Menorahs and more on camera or your smart phone and email as .jpg attachments to readerpix@wickedloccal.com. Please include a caption telling us where the display is located (street address [...]

What's next for religious freedom in 2019?... Top faith leaders, legal scholars and policymakers helped us review key religious freedom-related debates in 2018 and look ahead to 2019.

Chris Pratt reads Gospel of Luke at... With help from a certain Guardian of the Galaxy, Disneyland helped people remember the true meaning of Christmas this weekend.

OVER THE COUNTER: Slim down, shape up to... As if we needed another reason to keep our body weight at a healthy level, here’s one more: It may help prevent us from becoming diabetic.In fact, being overweight is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes.Newly published numbers show that, unfortunately, we’re not following the advice of our health providers and we’re actually gaining more pounds, putting us at an ever higher risk of becoming diabetic. This is especially true among the young.At [...]

Second Congregational Church to present... Second Congregational Church, 50 Park St., Attleboro will host a Christmas concert, titled “Advent Meditations” at 4 p.m. Dec. 8.This concert features music from the old to the contemporary, including such composers as Josquin des Prez, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Franz Biebl, Ola Gjeilo and John Rutter. There will be organ music featuring organist Bill MacPherson and some group carol singing as well. Light refreshments and fellowship will follow the program.Oure [...]

Music and the Spoken Word: The meaning of... What does Christmas mean to you? One couple learned something about the meaning of Christmas several years ago when, the day after Christmas, their infant son passed away.

'Flying the W' — a tribute to a... “No matter how difficult life can get and no matter what challenges we have, we always can choose whether or not we win,” Elder Reed Hallows said. “Like Jarem, I plan to win,” he added of his older brother.

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