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Lifestyle - NA Free Press

Lifestyle - North Attleborough Free Press

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Ticket to Write: Gun-making history shown at... Springfield, Massachusetts, native Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, produced cartoons for the U.S. military during World War II.The city had a much more direct effect on the war effort as the home of the Springfield Armory.The armory once inspired a poetry far different from that of Dr. Seuss:This is the Arsenal.From floor to ceiling, like a huge organ, rise the burnished arms;But from their silent pipes no anthem pealingStartles the villages with strange alarms.Poet [...]

Travel: Dr. Seuss museum will delight adults,... SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.The Cat in the Hat knew how. So do the folks at the newly opened Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, the hometown of Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.The museum is the newest addition to the Springfield Museum Center, a complex of five museums in the heart of the western Massachusetts city. In addition to the Seuss museum, visitors will find the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of [...]

Bill targets consent for psychotropic drugs THE ISSUE: Some patient advocates say current informed written consent regulations for prescribing psychotropic drugs don't go far enough.THE DETAILS: A House bill would require that consent forms also list alternative treatments, a plan for stopping medication and a review to monitor side effects.

Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day, 6-23-17 Check out Wish You Were Here and other great reader photos by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram. Your amazing image could be our next Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day. Email pictures with captions to readerpix@wickedlocal.com

AAA: Historic travel expected for Fourth of... A record-breaking 44.2 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles during the Independence Day holiday.

Saint Mary-Sacred Heart School host... NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH — Saint Mary-Sacred Heart School bid farewell to 23 eighth graders recently at its graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held after Mass at St. Mary’s Parish. Director David Costa organized all the students’ participation in the Mass, with readings, setting of the altar and bring-up of the gifts. During Costa’s homily, he spoke to the students reminiscing about their time at SMSH. Keeping with tradition, the graduation ceremony [...]

Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day, 6-22-17 Check out Twilight Zone and other great reader photos by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram. Your amazing image could be our next Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day. Email pictures with captions to readerpix@wickedlocal.com

SCHOOL'S OUT! Send us your last day photos School's out for the summer! Show us how you celebrated the last day in class and the first of summer vacation!Email photos to readerpix@wickedlocal.com. Please include a caption identifying those pictured, the town they are from and the school they attend.We'll post your photos in galleries on your Wicked Local website and print them on the Your News page of your weekly newspaper!  

Simply Faithful: Add more Bible reading with... Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a parent. I knew it would be rewarding, but I had no idea it would be so humbling — that there would be so much I wanted to teach and so little I knew. That’s why I appreciate books like “A Spoonful of Grace.” In it, author Annette Hubbell has compiled more than 350 prayers and Bible verses that are meant to be shared before a family meal and discussed.“‘A Spoonful of Grace’ is also great for [...]

Suzette Martinez Standring: Overcoming labels Today certain groups have come to mean a form of sickness, depending on who’s slapping on the label: Pro-Trump, anti-Trump, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Muslims. People are under attack. It’s not just religion, it’s political polemics.The tongue, such a tiny organ, yet capable of setting entire forests on fire.Talk that convinces (choose your team) that all opposition is evil. Talking heads talking trash 24/7.It’s all good until it isn’t. [...]

WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY: Wicked Local Reader Photo... Check out It Takes Two To Tango and other great reader photos by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram. Your amazing image could be our next Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day. Email pictures with captions to readerpix@wickedlocal.com

Ask Lisa: How can I use up leftover hamburger... Q: I have a lot of rolls leftover when I make hamburgers and hot dogs. There are only three people in my family, so we always have extra buns. I freeze the buns, but now my freezer has become a cemetery for leftover buns. What can I do with this leftover frozen bread? I use it for stuffing and I am terrible at making bread pudding. Is there a store that sells buns in a pack of four? Help, please!— Geneva Lawrence. Burlington, North CarolinaA: Hamburger and hot dog buns from major [...]

Breaking Bread: Kids who are finicky eaters... A small miracle happened recently in my family.During a dinner at an Italian restaurant, my niece Julia — soon to be 10 — shocked us all by asking whether she could order an adult meal of linguini with clam sauce.The people at nearby tables surely must have wondered what was happening when the gasps rose from our corner of the room.This child has survived more than 9 years on a steady diet of oatmeal, Cheerios, bread and butter, and pasta with tomato sauce (sometimes [...]

Lost in Suburbia: I know an old coffee that... Most couples have cute little endearing pet names for each other. Sweetie. Honey. Schmoopy-Boopy-Snuggie-Woogems.My husband also has an endearing name for me. He calls me “Two Sips.” This comes from my tendency to make myself a cup of coffee, take two sips, and then absentmindedly leave the cup somewhere in the house.“Hey Two Sips,” he would say, entering the kitchen with an armful of old coffee mugs. “I collected your stash.”I would glower [...]

THE BEER NUT: Drink like a Viking in Somerville It’s time to get a little less civilized at Olde Magoon’s Saloon in Somerville.On Monday, June 26, the 518 Medford St. pub will be hosting a "Viking Mid Summer’s Night 2017" – a night of Nordic beer, food and mead.All food will be served with knives only, no forks. Vikings don’t use forks. They eat the flesh straight from the bone.The draft list that night will include Klostergarden Handbryggeri’s Alstadberger Alderwood (smoked [...]

WHAT'S UP DOC? Drowning Q: Summer is almost here, and I am wondering how big a concern is drowning? A: Drowning is dying due to lack of oxygen from submersion in a liquid. Near-drowning is when the patient is significantly deprived of oxygen due to submersion in liquid, but does not immediately die.  Drownings are not uncommon, and they are more common in the warmer months. Worldwide up to 500,000 people drown each year, with 4000 and 6500 of these in [...]

FLEXIBLE FITNESS: Osteoarthritis and running Summer is finally here which means it’s time to dust off your sneakers and get outdoors! If you feeling apprehensive about starting a new exercise program I have good news. New research has revealed that running is not correlated with arthritis but that the opposite may be true.  A variety of studies suggest that running may reduce inflammation in hip and knees and in turn protect from cartilage loss. A study conducted at Brigham Young University found that after [...]

LISTEN: Best Ride editor-in-chief talks with... Craig Fitzgerald, the editor-in-chief of Best Ride and the host of the Best Ride podcast, provides listeners with a review of Mazda’s newest car and he talks with AAA’s The Car Doctor this week.John Paul is AAA’s The Car Doctor. Paul talks with Fitzgerald about the special relationship people have with their cars, even if they don’t consider themselves a car [...]

Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day, 6-20-17 Check out Tall Order and other great reader photos by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram. Your amazing image could be our next Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day. Email pictures with captions to readerpix@wickedlocal.com

Dr. Elaine Heffner: Searching for balance The recent put downs of women in the Senate have brought forth comments from other women in high places testifying to the pervasiveness of such experiences in male dominated organizations. They report as typical being interrupted, talked over and generally having their ideas treated dismissively.Also, almost daily there are reports of sexual harassment in many places which have resulted in investigations, firings and serious financial penalties. In these instances, too, women have [...]

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