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Entertainment - NA Free Press

Entertainment - North Attleborough Free Press

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INTERACTIVE MAP: Find a Fourth of July... Fourth of July celebrations begin at the end of June and carry on through Tuesday, July 4, with parades, barbecues, fairs and fireworks.Here is a map of activities from the North Shore to the Cape, whether you plan to stay close to home for the holiday weekend or will spend the weekend at the beach. Zoom in to take a look at what is happening in your area and click on each icon to learn more about the event. [...]

David Alpher brings new music based on poetry... The Rockport Chamber Music Festival certainly has brought a lot of Cape Ann to the Shalin Liu Performance Center stage this season.First, it was the world premiere of Charles Shadle’s piano trio “Dogtown Common,” performed on opening weekend. And now this Saturday, the festival welcomes back RCMF co-founder David Alpher with his own new work, “Between Twilights,” based on seven poems by Mardsen Hartley.Hartley, best known as a painter, was a [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: Wahlberg saves the world –... Clank. Thud. Crash. Boom. Bang. "Transformers: The Last Knight" is another huge pyrotechnic porno that leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. I endured it so you don’t have to. The storytelling is messy and the movie is loud – really loud. Would you expect anything less from director Michael Bay, taking his fifth stab at his erector-set of a movie franchise?From "Pearl Harbor" to "Armageddon," to "13 Hours," Bay’s motto has always been to go big or go home, and [...]

THE BEER NUT: Drink like a Viking in Somerville It’s time to get a little less civilized at Olde Magoon’s Saloon in Somerville.On Monday, June 26, the 518 Medford St. pub will be hosting a "Viking Mid Summer’s Night 2017" – a night of Nordic beer, food and mead.All food will be served with knives only, no forks. Vikings don’t use forks. They eat the flesh straight from the bone.The draft list that night will include Klostergarden Handbryggeri’s Alstadberger Alderwood (smoked [...]

Stay Tuned: Hulu raises its game with... Hulu, the subscription based streaming service, carved a niche for itself as the place to watch current or recent broadcast television series you may have missed. With “The Handmaid’s Tale,” it has become something different — a streaming service you should consider subscribing to just for this show.Based on the award-winning novel by Margaret Atwood, “The Handmaid’s Tale” takes place in a dystopian future where a society in what was once [...]

Patriotic posters LEXINGTON - Uncle Sam wanted Americans not just to enlist, but to buy war bonds, grow food, and eat less meat, wheat and sugar.On the 100th anniversary of America’s entrance into World War I, a fascinating exhibit of propaganda posters tells the story of the U.S. government’s massive effort to get Americans to make sacrifices and join in the war effort.“It was a full-on effort and there was a lot of pressure to participate,” said Hilary Anderson [...]

Movie review: There’s plenty to chew on... If you’re a Mexican immigrant invited to dine with President Donald Trump, what would you do, and what would you say during the breaking of bread? Would you be polite and try to ignore the narcissistic bluster? Or, would you get in his face — maybe even hurl a cellphone his way? That’s Salma Hayek’s dilemma in the appetizing “Beatriz at Dinner,” the latest make-them-squirm social satire from the astute team of writer Mike White and director Miguel [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: Sharks vs. starlets in '47 Meters... Starlet vs. Shark. It’s a sure sign of summer. Last season it was a bikini-clad Blake Lively taking on a super-aggressive, man-eating mako in "The Shallows." Up next in the rotation is "This is Us" hottie Mandy Moore, trying to escape the jaws of great whites in the conceptually ludicrous "47 Meters Down."The movie, from Johannes Roberts (co-wrote the script with Ernest Riera), is a taut 89-minutes that puts everyday people at the mercy of natural predators and the elements. [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Rough Night' is a bumpy ride Nothing murders the buzz at a bachelorette party faster than having a stripper turn up dead. And while the good-looking corpse surely sports killer abs, its sudden presence also stops "Rough Night" in its tracks.Before the R-rated comedy goes down the we-gotta-get-rid-of-the-body rabbit hole, it’s really onto something raunchy and refreshing in its telling of five college pals reuniting to tear up South Beach in celebration of the bride-to-be, Jess (Scarlett Johansson). A [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Cars 3' gets back on track "Cars 3" never fires on all cylinders, but it has considerably more horsepower than the franchise’s last chapter. First-time director Brian Fee revs things up with a return to what made Pixar guru John Lasseter’s original 2006 ’toon great. "Cars" again is colorful, funny and sweet. Fee and a team of screenwriters insert just enough heart, humor and silly sight gags to coast along to the checkered flag. The path is predictable, but what "Cars 3" lacks in freshness it makes [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Beatriz at Dinner' an appetizing... Salma Hayek and John Lithgow go toe -to-toe in “Beatriz at Dinner,” the latest make-them-squirm social satire from the astute team of writer Mike White and director Miguel Arteta.

MOVIE REVIEW: Sam Elliot brings saving grace to... Elliott manages to keep you engaged in what is yet another story about a septuagenarian fighting – and losing – a battle with Father Time.

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Book of Henry' bereft of novel... Writer Gregg Hurwitz crams just about every clichéd plot element he can think of into an overstuffed story that takes on terminal cancer, child abuse, vigilantism, grief and sassy waitressing.

Composer Philip Glass debuts partita at Peabody... Composer Philip Glass himself and cellist Matt Haimovitz come to Salem on Juen 22 for a concert of the composer’s music for cello. The program includes a world premiere, Glass’s Partita No. 2 for Solo Cello, which he wrote in 2010 but which has remained unperformed until this concert. The program will also include "Mad Rush," for solo piano, selections from "Tissues," and "The Orchard," from Glass’s collaborative score (with Foday Musa Suso) to Jean Genet’s play [...]

WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY: Wicked Local Reader Photo... Check out Master of his Domain and other great reader photos by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram. Your amazing image could be our next Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day. Email pictures with captions to readerpix@wickedlocal.com

ROCKPORT CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL: Chameleon... When you go to a concert, you probably think you’re coming to hear the musicians. But maybe they’re coming to be with you."We have amazing artists in the Boston area," says Chameleon Arts Ensemble’s artistic director Deborah Boldin. "But we have the best audience. They love music, and discovering new music. It’s incredible."You can’t play music well without having engaged listeners," she says. "What makes the performance itself is that combined energy. [...]

MUSIC REVIEW: Mother-son duo bring skill and... Tackling angular, expressive and intense music by turns, pianist Heng-Jin Park and cellist Jonah Ellsworth presented a far-reaching sonata recital Thursday evening, June 8, in the Shalin Liu Performance Center, opening the second week of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival.

Local author weaves tale of conspiracies,... When North Attleborough’s Ken Garlick set out to write his debut novel, he didn’t intend to focus on conspiracies that spanned the Atlantic. His intention was to write a book based on historical events, with plenty of local inspiration.But once he started researching, he stumbled upon conspiracies involving millionaire J.P. Morgan, a local medium, and the sinking of the Titanic, and he knew he had to incorporate them into his [...]

THE BEER NUT: Take a Seacoast 'Beercation' It’s finally vacation season, and that means time to get your liver and cooler ready for what I call a "beercation."There are many great options in New England – western Massachusetts has some great spots; Portland, Maine is world class; and there are numerous hotels in Vermont where you can stay that have breweries a stone’s throw away.One destination that often gets overlooked is the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire. There are more and more breweries [...]

Celebrate 'My Sinatra' on Father’s Day Cary Hoffman does not look like Frank Sinatra. But he sure sounds like him, from the voice to the intonation to the phrasing. Sinatra’s not around to do concerts anymore. But if you check out “My Sinatra” – Hoffman’s tribute to the man and his music, with a few stories about himself thrown in – at the Wilbur in Boston on June 18, just close your eyes, and there’s a good chance you’ll believe Ol’ Blue Eyes is in the house. [...]

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