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Father and Daughter Reunited After 42 Years
writes, "(Posted in the Friends of Waters Church, North Attleboro, facebook group)
"My dad went to church every Sunday and prayed to God that he would be able to see me before he dies.
He told his mechanic this; mechanic asked him for my name, went on Facebook and came across the video I had just made the day before for promoting my first life group for Waters church. and showed it to my dad. my dad looked at the video and said.. "that's my daughter, I know that's my daughter!!" He let my dad scroll through Facebook, dad took down my place of employment and called me at work.
I now have a relationship with my dad.. I waited 42 years!!! I was 7 years old.
I have my dad!!
I am ever so grateful to God for that video i felt the need to make. Thank you Mary Ann Parsons for helping me make that video."


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